It all began with a 16 year old who wanted to make a difference.


In 2007, Nellie wanted to make an impact on the world around her. After losing her grandmother, Goldie, to cancer Nellie knew she had to do something to help others experiencing the disease. While looking for an answer and researching cancer she found out that pediatric cancer is the least funded type of cancer. Additionally, she discovered it was the leading cause of death by disease for children. In the moment it dawned on Nellie… kids get cancer too. 

Initially NC4K was a one-time fashion show, Nellie’s Catwalk for Kids, with all the money raised going to Nationwide Children's Hospital. In the process of planning the event a little girl named Eden entered the pictured. In this moment Eden and Nellie’s stories became intertwined permanently. Eden changed the future of NC4K.

Eden was going through her second battle with cancer and in the midst of treatments, doctors' appointments, hospital stays and everything else that comes with the battle, Eden remained ecstatic to model in the first NC4K fashion show. Nellie was in awe of how much life and energy was contained within Eden. When the day of the show came Eden was ready in her black dress, sparkly bald head, and gold shoes. As soon as Eden stepped out into the bright lights she stole the show! As she strutted down the catwalk the audience honored her with a standing ovation. Eden’s essence defined the first catwalk, and remains present in every show since.

As the show ended Eden leaped into Nellie's arms and said with her sweet voice "That was so much fun….I can't wait until next year!” Right then Nellie knew NC4K had was here to stay. Unfortunately, in late 2008 Eden lost her battle with cancer, but her joy and energy stays with us in everything we do.

Today, because of all the champions and heroes like Eden, NC4K is more than just a fashion show.

To date, over a $2.5 Million dollars has been raised to help meet the needs of families as they travel through a journey in their life they never imagined they would be on.

And it all began with one 16 year old girl who wanted to make an impact on the world. Because of one voice, many voices have been inspired, encouraged, and hundreds of families lives have become just a little easier in spite of disease.