As 2018 gets underway I would like to begin by saying thank you!  Thank you for your commitment and support of our mission to help families impacted by pediatric cancer.  For those of you I have yet to meet I would also like to extend my greetings.  I am deeply honored to have the privilege of leading such an amazing organization, one that has been blessed for many years with dedicated volunteers, hard-working staff, and an inspirational Founder.

Nellie has been a catalyst, a leader and a voice of joy who has created so many important, heartfelt moments for our families.  Without her dedication and ability to inspire people in a shared vision NC4K would not be the organization it is today.  We are thrilled that after the birth of Nellie’s first child, she will still be an active part of NC4K.  You will see her in 2018 assisting the team with continued growth and fundraising until she transitions to her new role as a Board Member in 2019.

As we step boldly into this New Year, our team is committed to the mission and the sustainability of NC4K.  This begins by acknowledging the reason we exist and for whom we do what we do, our families.  These amazing kids guide and inspire our work.  Our lives are enriched by their smiles and determination.  As we look forward to our annual events, such as the OSU Marching Band Night, the Fashion Show, and our Christmas Program, we will always keep the kids in our minds and our hearts.  

The NC4K team is dynamic and motivated.  I’d like to take this opportunity to (re)introduce the staff to you as we have had some additions over the past year:

Nellie Corriveau, Founder
Mandy Powell*, Executive Director
Julie Bourne, Family Service Coordinator
Dana Norrod*, Development and Volunteer Coordinator
Elizabeth Servick, Marketing and Promotions Coordinator
Whitney Ward*, Office Assistant
Duncan Tanner*, Development Consultant (temporary position)
*New to the NC4K Staff in 2017

I am committed to ensuring that all we do has a meaningful impact on pediatric kids, teens, and their families.  With your support I know that we can and will help make their lives a little bit easier.  Throughout the coming months I will be focusing on getting to know our families, volunteers, and supporters to gain insight on how we continue to advance our mission.  I would be happy to connect with you and welcome your feedback.  

Warm wishes to you for a great 2018!
- Mandy Powell